1. We, HOSONIMEX CO.,LTD, head office located in Hanoi are one of the leading producers, suppliers and exporters in Vietnam for agricultural products in general and spices in particular. We have been ranked the top fastest growing enterprises and in the top prestigious agriculture companies of Vietnam.


2. Our key products are split cassia, broken cassia, cinnamon sticks (cassia vera), whole star aniseed, broken star aniseed, green banana and seedless lemon. Apart from agricultural products and spicy products, we are also exporting raw incense sticks (raw agarbatti), bamboo sticks and fresh carrots to Indian and Korean markets.


3. Our products are well-known all the world and our HOSONIMEX brand is very popular and present throughout India, Bangladesh, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Morocco, Yemen, Thailand and Malaysia. Customers who come with us because they trust in us, trust in what which we are doing for them and supplying to them.


4. We have built a stringent quality management system, from purchasing raw materials, production, packing till loading, so our quality is always absolutely guaranteed and meet requirements of difficult customers.


5. Not only quality, our services after sales are appreciated very much. Most customers feel so satisfied with our professional style of work and amenity of sales staffs.


6. To meet demands more and more increasing and to expand more businesses, we are building some new processing facilities in Van Yen district, Chi Lang district, Khoai Chau district and Ben Luc district. These new processing facilities are near farms & plantations and this is our very big advantage in future to compete price, quality and quantity with other suppliers.


7. We so wish and hope that you will come with, help and support us in order that our company is more and more developing & stronger.